Emma Watson and her brother launch Renais, a new French gin label

Acclaimed British actress Emma Watson, has joined forces with her brother, Alex Watson, to unveil their premium gin brand, Renais.

Announced on April 29th, this novel venture distinguishes itself by utilizing organic grapes, hand-harvested in the Chablis vineyards of Burgundy. To enhance the flavor, the brand also incorporates Grand Cru grape skins, which are usually discarded.

While Watson follows in the footsteps of celebrities like George Clooney, David Beckham, and Drake, who have also launched their own spirit brands, Renais pays homage to her family’s longstanding connection to the Chablis region.

The 33-year-old actress took to social media to express her affinity for the area, stating, “It’s an ode to the sunny vineyards of Chablis where my family has been making wine for thirty years. Renais gin is our love letter to Chablis.”

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Renais serves as an extension of the Watson family legacy. Emma’s father, a business lawyer and vineyard owner in Chichée, has been producing Chablis and Irancy wines since the 2000s. It is from these very vineyards that the hand-picked grapes for Renais gin are sourced.

The brainchild of Alex, a former marketing manager for various alcohol brands, Renais sees Emma overseeing the artistic direction. The gin’s base alcohol is created in a Beaujolais distillery using grapes from Burgundy vineyards.

Subsequently, flavoring plants and grape skins are combined and distilled in northern England. This unique fusion, Alex Watson tells the Financial Times, captures “the best of both worlds, English and French.” www.renais.co.uk

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