All the French luxury tea brands to shop in Paris

France is renowned for its rich history in luxury consumables, and tea is no exception.

From the timeless appeal of Mariage Frères to the creative blends of Théodor, French tea brands represent a spectrum of taste, tradition, and innovation. Offering both classic and flavored varieties, along with rare and exclusive blends, these brands have something to satisfy every tea connoisseur.

Whether steeped in centuries of tradition like Dammann Frères, or emphasizing sustainability like TWG Tea, each brand brings a unique flavor to the French tea industry, making it a global tea destination.

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Image credit: Dammann Freres

Dammann Frères
This prestigious French tea company has been steeped in tradition since 1692. Dammann Frères is celebrated for their high-quality teas, which include a diverse array of single estate teas, flavored blends, and unique, signature creations. With centuries of tea knowledge, this company consistently delivers exceptional products that continue to impress tea enthusiasts around the world.

Mariage Frères
This Paris-based luxury tea brand has been in operation since 1854. Known for its exceptional teas and elegant packaging, Mariage Frères has built a reputation as one of the most esteemed tea companies in France. They offer an exquisite selection of teas from around the world, including unique, exclusive blends and rare varieties that can be difficult to find elsewhere. Their collections include everything from classic green and black teas to innovative creations, all encapsulated in their signature sophisticated packaging.

Palais des Thés
Founded by a group of tea enthusiasts, Palais des Thés aims to provide the finest teas directly from tea gardens worldwide. With a vast range of luxury teas, they offer an abundance of flavors, including rare and limited edition varieties. Every blend is meticulously selected and carefully crafted, promising a rich and unique tea experience.

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Image credit: Kusmi Tea

Kusmi Tea
With roots dating back to 1867 in St. Petersburg, Russia, Kusmi Tea has long been recognized for its unique blends and vibrant packaging. Now headquartered in Paris, Kusmi offers a diverse range of teas, including traditional varieties, flavored blends, wellness teas, and limited-edition collections. Each blend is crafted with care, ensuring a perfect balance of flavors and aromas. Their iconic packaging makes Kusmi teas an ideal gift for any tea lover.

Betjeman & Barton
This luxury tea brand, founded in 1919, artfully combines traditional craftsmanship with innovative flavors. Betjeman & Barton offer a wide selection of teas, including classic blends, single estate teas, and unique flavored varieties. Whether you’re a purist or an adventurer in tea, Betjeman & Barton caters to all palates with its diverse selection.

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Compagnie Coloniale
As one of the oldest tea companies in France, Compagnie Coloniale has been delivering high-quality teas since 1848. Their wide range of offerings include classic blends, flavored varieties, and exclusive selections. With a long history of quality and innovation, Compagnie Coloniale remains a favorite among tea connoisseurs.

George Cannon
Founded in 1898, George Cannon has been creating unique tea blends for generations. Known for their expertise in crafting flavored teas, herbal infusions, and exclusive selections, George Cannon consistently delivers memorable tea experiences. Whether you prefer a traditional green tea or a bold, aromatic blend, George Cannon is sure to have a tea that tantalizes your taste buds.

Image credit: TWG Tea

TWG Tea, an esteemed Singapore-based company, has made a notable presence in Paris with its exquisite collection of over 800 fine harvest teas and exclusive blends. With an emphasis on quality and luxury, TWG Tea offers a gourmet tea experience in a sophisticated setting, fusing Asian tea traditions with French flair for an unparalleled tea-drinking experience. It has a boutique at the Ritz Hotel and its teas are also offered at Salon Proust.

Théodor combines tradition with creativity to create an unforgettable tea experience. Offering a diverse selection of teas, including classic blends, rare varieties, and exclusive collections, Théodor consistently pushes the boundaries of what tea can be. Their offerings are always packaged in elegant and distinctive designs, reflecting the sophistication and originality of the brand.

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