6 essential cafes and restaurants in Paris to have Breton cuisine

The gastronomy of Brittany boasts an unparalleled depth of flavor, incorporating the rich bounty of the land and sea into its culinary traditions. A vibrant amalgamation of fresh mackerel, sardines, pork rillettes, and the ever-popular Breton crepes, this cuisine captures the essence of the region’s natural surroundings.

For the ardent lover of seafood, Brittany offers a wealth of gourmet delights, imbued with extraordinary freshness that varies with the whims of the seasons.

That includes including seafood like oysters and shellfish (including moules frites!), sausages, smoked ham, crispy buckwheat galettes and much more. With its exquisite ingredients and rich culinary traditions, Brittany is a haven for gourmands and a testament to the art of French cuisine.

For those of us in the capital hankering for a taste of the region, here are some restaurants in Paris serving Breton cuisine you can visit.

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Breizh Cafe (@breizhcafe_fr)
Breizh Cafe is a restaurant that celebrates the art of crêpes and galettes, the traditional savory pancakes from Brittany. The restaurant offers a wide range of toppings, from classic ham and cheese to more creative options like black pudding and apple. Their menu also includes a selection of artisanal ciders and beers that pair perfectly with the delicious pancakes. 7 Rue de l’Ecole Polytechnique, 75005 Paris. breizhcafe.com

Tanguy (@tanguy_crepes)
Tanguy is a small and cozy Breizh-style eatery, with its black parquet flooring, cream-colored banquettes, and white-tiled bar, is a true haven for fans of savory galettes and sweet crêpes. The dishes are made with locally sourced ingredients, and the menu changes frequently depending on what is in season. Some of their standout dishes include the “Kig ha farz,” a savory stew made with pork and vegetables, and the “Far Breton,” a delicious prune-flavored custard. 15 Rue de l’Echiquier, 75010, Paris. tanguy-crepes.fr

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Krügen (@krugen_paris)
This is a restaurant that offers a contemporary take on the traditional flavors of Brittany. Their menu features a range of irresistible galettes, such as the “complète” (with egg, ham, and emmental cheese), which can be customised with a range of toppings, including caramelised onions, bacon, grilled mushrooms, or Andouille de Guémeéné sausage. Craving for something sweet? Go for the classic crepe combinations like butter-sugar or salted caramel, as well as creative options like apple Tatin, artisanal orange jam, and homemade chocolate. 4, rue du Général-Renault, 75011 Paris. krugenparis.com

La Creperie de Josselin (@creperielepetitjosselin)
La Creperie de Josselin is a classic creperie that has been serving delicious pancakes for over 30 years. Their menu includes both sweet and savory options, and they are particularly renowned for their buttery, caramelized “galettes.” The restaurant is always packed, so be prepared to wait in line. 67 Rue du Montparnasse, 75014 Paris. creperielepetitjosselin.fr

Brutus (@brutus_creperies)
Brutus is a modern crêperie that offers unique galettes made with gluten-free buckwheat flour straight from Brittany. On Sundays, Brutus invites you to indulge in their delicious brunch menu which you can enjoy with over 25 artisanal ciders and original cocktails made with ciders and pear ciders. This is the perfect spot for a unique aperitif experience. 28 Rue de Gaite, 75014 Paris. brutus-creperies.com

La Cantine Bretonne (@lacantinebretonne)
La Cantine Bretonne is a cozy restaurant that offers traditional Breton dishes with a modern twist. Their menu includes dishes like the “Galette Complète,” a savory pancake filled with ham, cheese, and egg, and the “Filet de Bar Roti,” a perfectly cooked fillet of sea bass served with a creamy leek fondue. The restaurant also has a great selection of Breton ciders and beers to complement the food. 151 Rue Montmartre, 75002 Paris. lacantinebretonne.com

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