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The best South Indian restaurants in Paris serving dosa

Paris is a vibrant and diverse city with a plethora of cuisines to choose from. South Indian cuisine is one such, operating under the radar.

The cuisine is known for its flavourful and aromatic dishes that are packed with spices and herbs. One of the most beloved dishes is dosa, a savoury crepe made from fermented rice and lentil batter.

The dish has its origins in South India and is a staple breakfast item. It is believed to have originated in the state of Tamil Nadu, but has since spread throughout the country and the world. The crepe-like dish is made from a batter of fermented rice and lentils, which is ground together to form a smooth consistency. The batter is then left to ferment overnight, giving it a slight sourness and airy texture.

There are many variations of dosa, each with its unique flavor and texture. Some of the most popular varieties include masala dosa, which is stuffed with a spiced potato filling, and onion dosa, which has a generous amount of sautéed onions in the batter. Other variations include cheese dosa, paneer dosa, and mysore masala dosa.

If you’re in Paris and craving some authentic South Indian dosa, you’re in luck. Here are several restaurants that serve this delicious dish in the city.

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Saravanaa Bhavan
Saravanaa Bhavan is a well-known restaurant chain that has gained popularity worldwide for its delicious South Indian cuisine. The Parisian branch of the restaurant is located at 170 Rue du Faubourg Saint-Denis in the 10th arrondissement. The restaurant has a modern and chic interior that is designed to make the customers feel comfortable and relaxed.

The menu at Saravanaa Bhavan is extensive and features a wide range of South Indian dishes, including idli, vada, uttapam, biryani, and of course, dosa. However, their dosa is what sets them apart from the competition. The dosa is famous for its crispy texture and is served with a variety of chutneys and sambar that complement its flavours perfectly. 170 Rue du Faubourg Saint-Denis, 75010 Paris.

Krishna Bhavan
Krishna Bhavan is a cozy and unassuming restaurant located at 24 Rue Cail in the 10th arrondissement of Paris. Despite its humble exterior, this hidden gem is highly regarded for its authentic South Indian cuisine and friendly service. As soon as you step inside, you’ll be greeted with the aroma of freshly prepared spices and the sound of sizzling dosa on the griddle.

The dosa is cooked to perfection, with just the right amount of crispiness and a delicious golden-brown color. Served alongside the dosa are two flavorful accompaniments – coconut chutney and sambar. The coconut chutney is made from grated coconut, green chilies, and other seasonings, giving it a rich and tangy flavor that perfectly complements the dosa. The sambar, on the other hand, is a lentil-based vegetable stew that’s packed with a variety of flavors and spices. 24 Rue Cail, 75010, Paris

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Sangeetha Restaurant Végétarien
Sangeetha is a vibrant and bustling restaurant that offers a welcoming atmosphere, perfect for a casual meal with friends or family. The restaurant has a wide range of dishes on the menu, but it’s their dosa that steals the show. The dosa here is known for its perfect blend of crispy texture and flavorsome filling. The batter is expertly prepared to create the ideal balance of thickness and crispiness. The dosa is then generously filled with spiced potatoes, onions, and other vegetables, giving it a burst of flavor that’s hard to resist. The chutneys and sambar served alongside the dosa are the perfect accompaniment, elevating the flavors and adding an extra dimension to the dish. The coconut chutney is creamy and refreshing, while the sambar is spicy and tangy, making it a perfect complement to the dosa. 178 Rue du Faubourg Saint-Denis, 75010 Paris.

Chennai Dosa
Chennai Dosa is a South Indian restaurant that offers an authentic taste of Chennai’s traditional cuisine. This restaurant has earned rave reviews on TripAdvisor for its delicious dosa, idli, vada, and many other dishes. One of the most popular dishes at Chennai Dosa is, of course, the dosa. The establishment serves up a wide variety of dosa, ranging from the classic plain dosa to more elaborate options like the masala dosa, which is stuffed with spiced potatoes. 168 rue du Faubourg Saint Denis, 75010 Paris.

Annapoorna (@annapurnaparis)
Annapurna is a cozy restaurant located at 32 Rue de Berri in the 8th arrondissement of Paris. It serves authentic Indian cuisine that has received rave reviews from locals and tourists alike. One of the standout dishes at Annapurna is their delicious dosa, a thin and crispy crepe made from a fermented rice and lentil batter. It’s served with a variety of chutneys that perfectly complement its flavors. Annapurna’s warm and welcoming atmosphere, combined with its mouth-watering dishes, make it a must-visit for anyone craving authentic Indian cuisine in Paris.32 rue de Berri, 75008, Paris.

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