Chef Takeshi Morooka takes over Michelin-starred Sushi Shunei

Sushi Shunei, the Michelin-starred omakase sushi restaurant in Montmartre, has welcomed a new chef named Takeshi Morooka.

The passing of the restaurant’s founding chef Shunei in July 2022 left a void in Paris’ Japanese culinary world, but his legacy lives on through the tireless efforts of his wife Chizuko, who took over the restaurant with Chef Tiago. Now, with Takeshi’s over 30 years of experience and expertise in the art of sushi, the team is stronger than ever.

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Takeshi’s impressive resume includes leading the renowned restaurant Ginza Onodera, and he will join forces with Chizuko to continue offering customers the highest quality and most traditional sushi.

Despite the challenges that arose after chef Shunei’s passing, Chizuko’s unwavering determination has kept the restaurant thriving in his memory. In just nine months of operation, Sushi Shunei earned its first Michelin star and remains an intimate dining experience with only nine seats available for diners.

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