What is the Gault et Millau and how does the rating system work?

As the sun sets over the Eiffel Tower, the vibrant city of Paris comes alive with the cosy dim lights of its bistros, brasseries and restaurants. Amidst this epicurean haven, one name stands out: Gault et Millau. This esteemed culinary guide, revered by food connoisseurs and chefs alike, has been a trailblazer in the realm of fine dining since its inception.

But what does it really and how does it work? We delve into the history, rating system, and impact of Gault et Millau.

The History and Evolution of the Gault et Millau
Founded in 1969 by two Frenchmen, Henri Gault and Christian Millau, Gault et Millau set out to challenge the traditional Michelin guide, which predominantly focused on the luxurious and formal aspects of dining. Gault et Millau aimed to celebrate the creative and innovative aspects of culinary art, with a keen focus on the quality of ingredients, technique, and presentation. Over the years, the guide has evolved and expanded beyond France, covering culinary destinations worldwide, including Europe, Asia, and Australia.

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The Gault et Millau’s Rating System explained
At the heart of Gault et Millau’s influence is its unique and rigorous rating system, which awards points to restaurants based on a scale of 1 to 20. Unlike the Michelin guide, which bestows stars to select establishments, Gault et Millau provides a more detailed assessment, taking into account various aspects of the dining experience.

The points are allocated based on several criteria, including the quality and creativity of the cuisine, the presentation and originality of dishes, the selection and pairing of wines, the ambiance, the service, and even the value for money. The Gault Millau restaurant rating system utilizes a scale of 1 to 20, with 20 being the pinnacle of excellence. Anything less than 10 and the restaurant will not be listed.

This comprehensive approach allows for a more nuanced evaluation of a restaurant’s overall performance and culinary prowess, providing diners with a holistic understanding of what to expect.

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Moreover, Gault et Millau goes beyond traditional fine dining establishments and also recognizes emerging talents, from young chefs to promising sommeliers. This commitment to showcasing innovation and creativity has made Gault et Millau a leading authority in the culinary world, influencing the dining preferences of food enthusiasts and inspiring aspiring chefs worldwide.

What’s the impact and legacy of this rating system?
Since its inception, Gault et Millau has had a profound impact on the culinary industry, redefining the standards of gastronomic excellence and challenging the status quo. The guide has been a driving force in promoting regional cuisines, sustainable practices, and farm-to-table dining, placing a premium on the use of high-quality, locally-sourced ingredients.

Gault et Millau has also been instrumental in recognizing and promoting female chefs, sommeliers, and restaurateurs, who have traditionally been underrepresented in the culinary world. Through its annual “Femme de l’Année” (Woman of the Year) award, Gault et Millau celebrates the achievements of women in the industry and inspires a new generation of female culinary leaders.

Furthermore, Gault et Millau has served as a trusted resource for discerning diners, providing them with expert recommendations and insights into the culinary landscape. Its ratings and reviews have become a benchmark for excellence, guiding food enthusiasts in their quest for extraordinary dining experiences.

Its legacy goes beyond its rating system and awards. The guide has become a trusted resource for food enthusiasts, providing them with expert recommendations and insights into the world of fine dining. Its detailed reviews, comprehensive evaluation criteria, and meticulous ratings have helped diners navigate the culinary landscape and discover hidden gems. The guide’s influence on dining preferences and culinary trends cannot be overstated, with many restaurants proudly displaying their Gault et Millau ratings as a mark of distinction. fr.gaultmillau.com/

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