10 best co-working spaces in Lyon

In the heart of France’s gastronomic capital, Lyon, a different kind of revolution is simmering — the rise of dynamic coworking spaces.

As a city lauded for its fusion of the old and the new, Lyon mirrors this spirit in its versatile workspaces. These creative hubs, scattered across the city’s diverse arrondissements, are bridging the gap between innovation, collaboration, and that quintessential French flair.

They’re providing a breeding ground for startups, entrepreneurs, and digital nomads alike, crafting an ecosystem that promotes growth, adaptability, and a strong sense of community. Each coworking space in Lyon brings a unique character to the table, echoing the city’s multifaceted charm.

From former industrial buildings to cozy cafés, they offer a panoply of services tailored to varied needs. This guide offers a glimpse into Lyon’s coworking landscape, presenting spaces that aren’t merely workstations, but rather nurturing environments that inspire creativity and productivity.

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The Walter

The Walter
The Walter, with its vibrant, modern allure, caters to the individual needs of coworkers. It finds particular favour among professionals from the real estate, architecture, and engineering sectors, offering a congenial workspace. Services range from phone booths and private offices to stunning communal areas spanning approximately 1500 m2, including a terrace with sweeping views of Fourvière. Starting from €31 per day or €390 per month (excluding VAT), The Walter boasts showers, cafeterias, terrace, wifi, lounges, and free-flowing hot beverages. 200 Avenue Jean Jaurès, Lyon 69007. www.w-alter.work/espaces/lyon

Sofffa is an inventive slow café nestled in the Guillotière district that offers an hourly rate with free drinks thrown in. Sofffa Guillotière sprawls over several rooms, providing ample space for coworking, along with a vast common area. Open to businesses, remote workers, and students seeking a serene work environment, it provides a relaxed setting with Wifi, unlimited drinks, and an assortment of offices and living spaces. Subscriptions are available weekly at €92, monthly at €220, and a “Ballad” monthly subscription at €300. 27, rue Cavenne, Lyon 7, ou 17 rue Sainte Catherine, Lyon 69001. sofffa.com

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Now Coworking

Now Coworking
Located on the fifth floor of the iconic Citroën building in Lyon’s chic 7th arrondissement, Now Coworking is a sprawling 3000 m2 hive of activity. It encompasses shared spaces, lounge areas, fully equipped kitchens, private offices, and state-of-the-art meeting rooms. The space can host around 350 coworkers simultaneously across more than 80 workstations, providing a vibrant hub for entrepreneurs and startups alike. Starting from 49€ HT/month, it offers a wealth of amenities, including a winter garden, beauty room, gym, terrace, printers, and wifi. 35 Rue de Marseille, Lyon 69007 . now-coworking.com

A stone’s throw from Part-Dieu Station, the Hiptown coworking hub has carved a unique niche for itself. Exuding a cosy atmosphere across a sprawling 2500m2, it provides a warm, welcoming retreat with each room and common area lovingly furnished. Hiptown’s ready-to-use offices allow for swift adaptation to the evolving needs of your enterprise, with day or monthly rentals available. Starting at €150 per month, Hiptown offers an array of amenities, including Wifi, meeting rooms, printers, phoneboxes, and more, in a comforting and friendly environment. 20 boulevard Eugène Deruelle, Lyon 69003. hiptown.com

Le Simone

Le Simone
Le Simone, a gem in Lyon’s coworking scene, marries coworking and social interaction in a space with a distinctly human touch. Just a short jaunt from Perrache station, it provides a 160 m2 workspace with 45 workstations. Le Simone also doubles as a cultural café and art gallery, hosting regular evening events. Packages are available by the month, week, day, or even every 4 hours, with prices starting at €9 for 4 hours. 45 rue Vaubecour, Lyon 69002. www.lesimone.fr

The Gentlecat
Cat lovers listen up: The Gentlecat hides a tranquil coworking space behind its welcoming café facade. Its intimate 50m2 space with high ceilings houses only 12 desks, ensuring a calm and focused environment. Of course, it’s brimming with friendly felines, and the coworking space can even be privatised for those in need of solitary tranquillity. Amenities include Wifi, single or shared offices, hot drinks, and printers, with pricing starting at €13 per half day, €48 per week, or €249 for daily private use. 51 Rue Auguste Comte, Lyon 69002. legentlecat.fr

Mãe Café
Mãe Café presents a unique synthesis of work, relaxation, and wellness. Located in the centre of Lyon, it’s a space where you can balance work, coffee, and yoga! The coworking area is located upstairs, offering a tranquil haven for focused work. Prices are flexible, dependent on your needs and drink choices, with amenities including Wifi, hot drinks, yoga classes, shared offices, and options for private reservations. 19 rue Longue, Lyon 69001. https://cafemae.fr

The 144
The 144 stands proud in the heart of Lyon on the Peninsula, its prime location making it a standout choice. Nestled beside the Palais de la Bourse, this shared workspace offers 250 m2 of offices and common areas. With facilities including wifi, a projector, meeting rooms, private offices, and coworking spaces, starting from €8 per hour and €900 for private offices, The 144 is a stimulating environment that fosters creativity and collaboration. 45 Rue de la Bourse 69002 Lyon. www.le144-coworking.fr/lyon

La Cordée
If a vibrant, innovative coworking space with a diverse array of activities is what you’re after, look no further than La Cordée. With five locations in Lyon, it’s a favourite amongst coworkers. Each location, from Valmy with its climbing wall to Guillotière with its hammock and nap room, has unique features. Services start from €35 for one day per week, then €179 for the first 65 hours, including Wifi, fully equipped meeting rooms, unlimited hot drinks, terraces, and relaxation areas. Multiple locations around Lyon. www.la-cordee.net

Near Place Bellecour, housed within the historic Hôtel-Dieu building, the Wojo coworking space is nothing short of stunning. In its bright and inviting environment, you can utilise the fully equipped, designer spaces for your business endeavours. Alongside large, spacious meeting rooms and a congenial coworking atmosphere, amenities include phoneboxes, meeting rooms, bars, gardens, and private or shared offices. Fixed desk spaces start at €25 per day or €125 per week. 4 place Amédée Bonnet, Lyon 69002. www.wojo.com


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