Genesis: This immersive light show in Marseille is so coveted, there’s a waitlist

After captivating audiences in Switzerland and Germany, Genesis, the highly anticipated immersive light show, has finally made its way to France.

On July 8th, this extraordinary sensory experience will unfold within the Palais de la Bourse, an architectural marvel that also serves as the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Marseille-Provence.

Prepare to be transported into a realm of enchantment as you delve into a mesmerizing 30-minute spectacle, meticulously divided into four captivating parts. Embark on a transcendent journey through the elemental forces of light, water, earth, and plants—an ode to the first three days of creation encapsulated within the breathtaking narrative of “Genesis.”

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It is here that the true splendor of the mid-19th century Palais de la Bourse reveals itself, inviting profound appreciation for its architectural mastery. Immerse yourself in this mystical and inspiring encounter, where moments of profound contemplation await.

Through an enthralling audiovisual performance, the interplay of spotlights and melodic harmonies reveals the Palais de la Bourse’s storied heritage, steeped in historical significance and cultural resonance.

Every minute detail has been meticulously curated to ensure flawless integration of the projections upon the palace’s resplendent ceilings and majestic structures. The dimensions and proportions of this architectural gem have been scrupulously measured, calculated, and aligned, forging a seamless harmony between the visuals and the building’s grandeur.

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The result is an immersive experience that leaves spectators breathless, evoking a transcendent state of speechlessness. Here, the convergence of art, technology, and spirituality gives birth to an expansive and liberating encounter, igniting a surge of newfound creativity.

Such an extraordinary feat would not have been possible without the prodigious talents of Projektil, a celebrated collective of Zurich-based artists renowned for their international acclaim.

Together, this multidisciplinary team of visionary visual artists, skilled musicians, ingenious programmers, technologists, and designers have masterfully crafted an innovative show that defies conventional boundaries, blurring the distinctions between art, technology, and spirituality.

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Top image credit: Aurorium Experiences

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