Bacha Coffee in Paris is a haven for the coffee connoisseur

In the illustrious Ritz Paris hotel, a sanctuary for coffee connoisseurs awaits: Bacha Coffee.

The store is tucked away discreetly, beckoning those with a taste of refinement with over 200 types of coffee that can be ground down to your desired size.

Steeped in history, Bacha Coffee traces its roots back to a Moroccan palace, where its story began in 1910 within the grand walls of Dar el Bacha (the house of the Pasha). This enchanting place once played host to such luminaries as writer Colette, composer Maurice Ravel, actor Charlie Chaplin, and political figures Franklin Roosevelt and Winston Churchill.

Today, Bacha Coffee has transformed into a haven for premium coffee tastings. With the success of its outposts in Singapore and Marrakech, the brand is eyeing expansion to other cities. However, it is in Paris, within the hallowed halls of the Ritz Paris hotel, where Bacha Coffee has found its most prestigious location.

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For those who yearn to embark on a global journey through a single cup of coffee, Bacha Coffee sources its offerings from across the world. Expert teams traverse South America, the Caribbean, the Ethiopian highlands, Yemen, and distant Indonesia to meticulously select over 200 varieties of pure arabica beans, based on the finest quality and harvest standards.

Catering to individual preferences, the beans are sold either whole or ground to a specified coarseness, with each variety, whether unflavored or CO2-decaffeinated, roasted separately.

Employing traditional, low-temperature, hand-roasting methods, Bacha Coffee masterfully highlights the unique characteristics and aromatic intricacies of each bean. To complete these exquisite moments of indulgence, the brand also offers complementary accessories and gourmet products to enhance the tasting experience.

Bacha Coffee at Dar el Bacha

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Nestled in the heart of Place Vendôme, Bacha Coffee’s lavish boutique caters to the discerning tastes of coffee purists who seek exotic treasures. Rare offerings include the coveted Jamaica Blue Mountain Wallenford at €149.50 per 100g as well as the Camocim Jacu Bird     — made from coffee cherries eaten by wild birds at €262 per 100g.

Patrons can also delight in the elegant Desire collection cups, adorned with gold interiors, or the gold-plated glass Sultan coffee maker, priced at €2,972. At Bacha Coffee in the Ritz Paris, attention to detail and an unparalleled experience converge with excellence and savoir faire, elevating coffee to an art form. 15 Pl. Vendôme, 75001 Paris.

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