Tear into the most delicious breads at the Fête du Pain this May 13 – May 21

The renowned Fête du Pain, or Bread Festival, will be setting up shop on the Forecourt of Notre-Dame Cathedral, and it promises to be a feast for the senses once again.

From Saturday, May 13, to Sunday, May 21, 2023, visitors can indulge in nine days of entertainment and discovery as they explore the world of breadmaking spread out across an 1,100 square-metre space. The festival boasts a reconstructed shop, where Parisian bakers will welcome the most curious visitors for visitors to interact and ask anything under the sun about the art.

Whether it’s the secrets of breadmaking, from kneading to cooking to shaping, or the various varieties of bread, everything on its science and art will be revealed. Guests will learn all about the iconic baguette, whose artisanal savoir faire and culture were recently recognized by UNESCO as intangible cultural heritage.

This celebration of breadmaking culture offers a unique opportunity to discover the culture of baking bread, pastries, and other sweet treats. Bakers and pastry chefs from Greater Paris will share their profession with visitors, offering a convivial and festive moment.

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Photo by Marina Leonova.

During these nine days, the highly anticipated Grand Prix de la Baguette de Paris will be announced on Saturday, May 21, featuring three competitions held in front of a live audience to determine the best baguette in the Paris region and departments 92, 93, and the top baker for departments 77, 78, 91, and 95. The winner of the best baguette will be announced after two days of regional selections on Wednesday, May 25.

Meanwhile, the coveted award for the best croissant in Ile de France will take place on Monday, May 23, at 6:30 p.m.

These two awards are a celebration of France’s rich breadmaking heritage and the skill and dedication of its bakers. It is a highly anticipated event that showcases the best of French baking and honors the talented artisans who keep the tradition alive while also serving to highlight the importance of the bakery in French culture.

In France, 12 million people visit their baker every day to indulge in bread, pastries, cakes, and sandwiches. The artisan baker-confectioner is a vital contributor to the life and animation of local communities, embodying craftsmanship, transmission, and passion. The bakery has always been a symbol of proximity, sharing, and social ties.

As the Fête du Pain returns to the Forecourt of Notre-Dame Cathedral, it brings with it a sense of renewal and a celebration of the enduring role that breadmaking plays in French culture. Admission is free. Cathédrale Notre-Dame, 75004 Paris. www.sp-boulangerieparis.fr

Top photo by Klaus Nielsen

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